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    • Senior Account Manager, FTE, Tokyo, Japan

    CDI -

    Tokyo, Japan

    Senior Account Manager, FTE, Tokyo, Japan


    · Contribute to running the sales strategy determined by his/her line management.

    · Implement 360° action plans for clients or new accounts, while optimising client satisfaction and team organisation.

    · Ensure control of the margin on their products and their profitability.



    · Implement, along with his/her line management, the sales action plan (current clients and prospects), and activity programs.

    · Determine and implement, along with his/her line management, the means required to meet targets (project profitability, margin, and sales).

    · Generate customer loyalty through the quality of the services provided (creativity, pertinence, effectiveness, etc.) and R.O.I.

    · Manage his/her client portfolio and expand it.

    · Negotiate contracts with clients and suppliers.

    · Search for new clients as part of the sales action plan.

    · Report to management about campaign profitability on a regular basis.

    Marketing and communications

    · Establish and implement strategy for the various communications programs in his/her client portfolio.

    · Represent the agency and build presentations for clients.

    · Determine and/or coordinate, on a case-by-case basis, communication strategy and design.

    · Supervise and take part in the production of his/her communications actions.

    · Ensure smooth implementation of marketing and communications actions.

    · Keep abreast of technical trends in marketing and communications.


    · Manage and lead 1-2 team members, in liaison with his/her line management and the DHR (supervision, facilitation, coordination, planning, assessment, motivation, recruitment and training).

    Budget, administrative and legal management

    · Build budgets according to profitability objectives.

    · Supervise, manage and control budgets.

    · Perform budget tracking for the campaigns in line with the established profitability targets.

    · Ensure that projects comply with legal obligations.


    · Sales responsible for: about USD 3,000K in sales or more

    · Gross Margin: about USD 1,000K in gross margin or more

    · Staff supervised: 1 or more


    Technical skills

    · Command of strategic marketing

    · Expertise in mix-marketing, 360° or expertise-based communications techniques and media

    · Openness to technological innovations and breakthroughs

    · Knowledge of digital marketing

    · Command of service coordination

    · Strong negotiation skills with clients/suppliers

    · Business sense and ability to develop additional sales

    · Knowledge of legal aspects of the communications and promotions businesses

    · Call for Bids procedures

    · Management expertise

    · Ability to lead multiple projects

    · Knowledge of the food & beverage industry environment (including industries and products)

    · Budget management

    · Creativity techniques

    Personal qualities

    · Enthusiasm and energy

    · Broad intellect and capacity to take perspective

    · Solid interpersonal skills

    · Excellent public speaking skills

    · Business acumen, sales expertise

    · Conviction

    · Works well under pressure

    · Initiative

    · Creativity

    · Pragmatism

    · Analytical skills and ability to summarize

    Language skills

    · English mandatory

    · Spanish preferred

    · Japanese for additional points

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