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    Sopexa Russia,

    A Communication Agency 100% dedicated to Food, Drink & Lifestyle

    Food & Drink expertise to get a jump on the latest innovations, understand the hottest trends and build impactful communication strategies hand-in-hand with clients.


    A Communication Agency
    100% international

    able to work worldwide

    We are experts in local cultures and customs, essential for tailoring our clients’ messages and strategies to markets that are often very different from each other.


    A Communication Agency
    100 % ingenious

    on a difficult market, yet well worth the effort!

    The food, drink & lifestyle sector is at the forefront of the demand for new innovations, a consideration that Sopexa has fully incorporated into its methods and proposals.

    and know-how

    Market Intelligence

    Beyond strategic planning, we run comprehensive monitoring programmes backed by studies – on sectors, behaviours and trends – carried out in-house by our market intelligence experts in order to identify weak signals, influencers, local food practices and communication trends in the food, drink & lifestyle sector.

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    Attract, generate customer loyalty and promote consumer advocacy

    Trade & Shopper Marketing – Drive-to-Store – Digital strategies


    Engage your audience and make a good impression

    Press Relations – Public Relations – Social Media Listening – Events


    Build and enhance product and brand image

    Strategic planning - Online and offline campaigns – Brand identity – Content - Health marketing

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    Nutrition & Health Strategies

    Healthy food, product composition and origin and CSR are among the many “health and society” topics of great concern to today’s consumers – and thus to companies and brands. Sopexa includes its nutrition & health specialists in all strategic planning and creative design activities. The department also meets specific requests.

    Over 20 years of experience, perseverance and excellent people skills are what Tania, Director of Sopexa Russia since 2004, brings to the table. Her expertise? Finding creative ideas and solutions to win over Russian consumers, who are curious and open to new experiences in food, lifestyle and tourism. As the Russians are great explorers by nature, we know just how to help them discover the products of our international clients!

    Tania Korsounskaia

    BU Managing Director Sopexa Russia