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    • The Yummy Adventures, a communication tool on food that makes children laugh!

    The Yummy Adventures, a communication tool on food that makes children laugh!

    Par Madina Ehsan

    *The pilot was carried out as part of an educational project with teachers and students of CREAPOLE

    In 2017, Sopexa published the comic book “The Yummy Adventures “, the first complete educational tool, designed with children but especially for them! The story continues with a cartoon pilot designed in collaboration with the brilliant students of the CREAPOLE school. 


    Yummy Adventures is a project to raise awareness among 9-12 year olds about good food practices. 2 million children are overweight in France and public health rules regarding food are poorly understood by children and teenagers. This is where The Yummy Adventures comes in. Workshops supervised by a nutritionist doctor analyze children’s behavior and their understanding of nutrition issues. The results set the tone of the book, which is educational, playful and humorous. The comic book deals with many themes such as the benefits of fruits and vegetables but also the waste of food through the adventures of 5 friends at summer camp. 


    Thanks to this beautiful project, 500 000 children have been reached, 100% of French pediatric practices have received the comic book for free, 15 000 comic books have been distributed on request to the consumers, it appeals to children, parents and also health professionals. The comic book is available in French and English and allows children to discuss these subjects at home and at school!


    Today, the adventure continues with the adaptation of the comic book into a cartoon! Without imposing judgment, the little videos will accompany children in the discovery of taste, balanced diet and eating well with the codes and language of children so that the right messages are understood, memorized and implemented in everyday life.


    Would you like to join the Yummy Adventures and participate in this educational project?

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