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    Par Laurie BROGLIA

    2020 was a year full of twists but also of innovations. Adapting to new health measures was paired with building new ways to share, create, entertain, and engage communities.  


    Vins de Bourgogne accompanied by Sopexa, choose to innovate by transforming their event “Escape to Bourgogne” to a full digital meeting allowing wines professional to discover their appellations and its region.  


    How create resonance around the event and the BIVB while keeping an original and authentic side?  


    The concept is to offer a virtual escape to Bourgogne through an interactive program animated by experts and with original activities.  

    To promote the event, 2 accomplice’s influencers, Paige Comrie (@winewithpaige) and Kelly Mitchell (@kellymitchell)took turns on social media. They also wrote an exclusive article which was published on the BIVB website.  


    During the event, many thematic were addressed through games, quiz and educative content dealing with climates and Appellations Villages. The public participated in small teams to facilitate exchanges. Animations were presented by accredited Bourgogne specialists, such as Annette Hanami and Anne Moreau, BIVB spokesperson, but also by local recognized professionals, such as Belinda Chang. The #EscapetoBourgogne allowed guests to relay their exclusive experience on social media.  


    The objective of this event was to create an unforgettable experience about the discovery of Bourgogne’s Wines, to inform and engage all the professionals.  


    Thereby, around 40 attendees got the chance to assist at this digital meeting, mixing wines professionals and influencers. They largely shared their experience on social media allowing Vins de Bourgogne to gain 40 000 new followers on multiple social platforms. Moreover, 812 560 people viewed the posts related to the event only on Instagram, offering a good exposure to the Vins de Bourgogne.