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    Given the unprecedented situation we are currently in, we need to reinvent our communication strategies while adapting them to the sanitary measures in force. Converting our events, responding to the needs of our clients to meet those of the consumers, and delivering campaigns that are more innovative than ever.  


    This is the challenge that Sopexa has taken up for European cheeses. As the press trip initially planned could not take place due to travel restrictions in France, the international agency created an immersive event entitled “Cheese journey”; an innovative 2-day tour in Dubai, centred around European cheeses and more particularly French cheeses.  



    The concept is creative, providing an interactive and entertaining experience, while educating participants on the different varieties and versatility of European cheeses through a track game. 

    The experience has been built around travelling. If they cannot make it to France, it will come to them through an immersive journey that follows the codes of wandering.  


    8 opinion leaders were selected for their outreach and their engaged food communities. As an invitation, they received a boarding pass for their Cheese journey. Once on board, the participants were given a survival kit including a passport that would allow them to collect points. Divided into teams of two, they embarked on a thrilling 48-hour race. The experience was based on a series of riddles to be deciphered in order to access the next activities. Among these, Sopexa encountered a Cheesopoly (Monopoly adapted to the cheese theme), a cheese-cutting challenge, and a coffee and cheese pairing workshop, all divided into learning sessions. The aim of the game? To gain the most points, while learning more about European cheeses.  


    A successful campaign! It was featured in 8 pages of Food Magazine. The Cheese Journey adventures were the subject of more than 275 stories published on social media in just 2 days, reaching more than one million people on Instagram itself… and our biggest success is the many new cheese lovers!  


    “If you cannot travel to France, then France will come to you… it was an amazing and delicious trip 😋…. I learned a lot about #frenchcheese… […] And I can tell you a secret, I was not a cheese fan but now I am a cheese lover ❤. […]. A big thank you to the Sopexa team: Edwina, Amandine and all the team who prepared this unforgettable trip” comments @chef_woodz about the event. 


    If you too would like to promote your products through new and engaging experiences? Contact us!