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    • SUCESS STORY #おうちワイン (wine at home)

    SUCESS STORY #おうちワイン (wine at home)

    Par Madina Ehsan

    The particular context of Covid-19 has changed the consumption habits of the Japanese. The wine sector suffered from the closure of some of the country’s restaurants and bars. When they were open, their clientele was scarce, preferring to stay at home. As a result, a third of the restaurants located in major cities saw their sales decline by more than 50%. 



    At the same time, an acceleration in the entry of wine into Japanese homes was noted. Sopexa has therefore devised a large-scale campaign with the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) to support this new dynamic for the benefit of Bourgogne and Chablis wines.


    Taking advantage of its monitoring of new digital trends, the international agency proposed to surf on a hashtag that has quickly gained popularity in the archipelago, #おうちワイン (ouchi wine = wine at home).


    Several influential partnerships were therefore launched for the BIVB: 8 creative Instagramers foodies, whose mission was to develop new combinations of Bourgogne food and wine / Chablis food and wine, and to promote their consumption at home.


    The hashtags that have been used are as follows: #おうちワイン (ouchi wine), #おうちブルゴーニュワイン (ouchi Bourgogne wine) #おうちシャブリワイン (ouchi Chablis wine).


    The posts were published over a period of 8 weeks, from May 4 to June 21, 2020. With more than 20,000 contacts generated entirely organically, the #おうちワイン campaign placed Bourgogne and Chablis wines in the future of wine consumption in Japan.