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  • Pinot Noir, the new go-to summer sipper !


    Pinot noir, Bourgogne

    #Event: the wines of Bourgogne make a name for themselves with Canadian influencers 

    Pinot Noir, the iconic grape variety of the Burgundy region, enjoyed the limelight at a tasting of local wines organised by the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) for 17 Montreal influencers. During the evening, the guests had the opportunity to visually piece together all of the aromas and flavours found in Pinot Noir and then share their creation on social media.


    The results? 30 Instagram stories, 17 Instagram posts, 179,830 people reached and an expanded community of “Bourgogne Lovers”.


    Follow the wines of Bourgogne on @VinsBourgogne

    Pinot noir, Bourgogne