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    • #FLAVOUREDBUTTERCHALLENGE: micro and macro-influence, an effective lever to amplify the reach of a digital campaign

    #FLAVOUREDBUTTERCHALLENGE: micro and macro-influence, an effective lever to amplify the reach of a digital campaign

    How can we keep the link with the foodie communities in this unprecedented period? How can we boost the reputation of French butter while encouraging as many Emirati consumers as possible to use it in their everyday cooking?

    Through its integrated network, Sopexa’s local experts are constantly on the lookout for market and consumer trends in more than 60 countries around the world. With its strong regional roots, the international agency has forged privileged links with local players, partners and influencers. These, coupled with its digital know-how, are major assets for advising its clients on the formats, platforms and key influencers to be solicited according to the needs and target countries. Sopexa’s answer was to create a digital campaign that would surf on the current trend of social media challenges. The concept? To launch a culinary challenge to a selection of influencers capable of making French butter popular. A strategy that allows to engage a maximum of contacts for a very measured cost.


    8 influencers were selected in the United Arab Emirates. Their challenge was to create a recipe for flavoured butter (spices, herbs…) and to post it on social networks, not without challenging the members of their community.


    Launched in April, the challenge quickly spread around the world, exceeding the visibility objectives in the UAE to spread organically throughout the Gulf region and then to Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the Caribbean!


    A total of 1,326 influencers, chefs, foodies and consumers in 30 countries took part in the game.

    600 recipes for flavoured French butter were created and posted for a total reach of 103,500 paid media contacts and more than 1.7 million organic contacts.


    And the phenomenon continues to grow! The #FLAVOUREDBUTTERCHALLENGE even inspires new creations!

    One month after its launch, it gave birth to a new challenge on Instagram: the FlavouredHummusChallenge.


    “We pride ourselves on finding engaging solutions that allow our clients to stay connected to their communities and interact with new audiences,” says Edwina Salvatori, Middle-East Managing Director at Sopexa.


    -A campaign set up for the Cniel –