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    Dairy products in the spotlight with the first edition of AfroGourmands


    At the first edition of AfroGourmands, the French Dairy Trade Association (CNIEL) showcased European dairy products alongside Dakar’s cooking talents.

    941 tonnes of French cheese were exported to Côtes d'Ivoire in 2018

    The very first edition of AfroGourmands took place on 11 and 12 June. This event, held at an upscale Dakar eatery, brought together professional cooks to discuss the diversity and excellent quality of European dairy products and the ways they can be used in fine African cuisine. 

    On the tables, participants found bottles of milk, camembert, emmental, sushi with roselle, mini tarts with beef and blue cheese and much more. The aim? To entice consumers from 4 African countries with recipes that combine the finest European dairy products with favourite local ingredients.   

    The menu included coaching sessions and tasting classes. These workshops featured personalities such as iconic Cameroonian chef Christian Abégan and Meilleure Ouvrière de France Fromager (MOF) Laetitia Gaborit, who presented the cheeses, their origins and the way they are made. Karelle Vignon-Vullierme, who writes the popular French-language cooking blog Les Gourmandises de Karelle was also on hand to report on the event. 


    The campaign continued at Abidjan’s Hotel Tiama on 17 and 18 June. This two-day affair also featured recipes by chef Abégan, as well as others by Pierre Gay (MOF Fromager). A tasting class and press conference rounded out the programme. The next stops? Douala, Cameroon in July, followed by Lagos, Nigeria in September. Follow these events on the Afrogourmands Instagram account.

    Equipes présentes pour Afrogourmands : chefs, répresentants du CNIEL, influenceurs etc.