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    In the actual context, our lifestyles and consumption habits are changing. For health and security reasons due to the COVID-19, Canadians compagnies have stopped their promotion activities in stores. Restaurants had to close for the second time, and not much of them started delivery activities. At the same time, online purchases increased a lot highlighting meals delivery and online grocery shopping.


    In this setting, how to make the Canadians discover French shallot despite the actual restrictions?


    Sopexa twisted its campaign of in stores tasting and make it accessible to the mainstream while respecting health norms. The international agency imagined a partnership with an e-commerce society specialized in meals box deliveries ready to cook. To do it, it chooses Cook It, the number one on the Quebecer market. An obvious choice when we see that this specific sector knows a really strong increasing through the last few years.

    This collaboration is a pertinent way to put the product in the consumer’s hand, at home, where he is the most receptive.

    Many contents were created to make the Canadian public discover and consume French shallot. A signature recipe of a shallot’s clafoutis were imagined. This recipe was highlighted in the TOP 3 of the recipe’s week. You could also found an informative flyer which was in the box. Consumers also saw it on the Cook it newsletter header and received by 230 000 followers.

    Furthermore, foodies had a branded shallot net, to their disposal in the box. There also was an informative flyer and a pretty gift of the product’s colors.


    Thanks to this operation, in partnership with Cook It, French shallot should shine through 4 500 ordered recipes, 15 000 sampled boxes and to 230 000 newsletter’s followers.