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  • Bourgogne comes to Sweden

    Par Laurie BROGLIA

    Feedback on the digital campaign of Vins de Bourgogne 


    Sopexa assisted Vins de Bourgogne to develop their notoriety for the swedish mainstream. It’s with 3 cooking influencers that the brand launched their digital campaign. 


    The goal ? Highlight the brand and create a preference for them on social media.


    Our communication tools ? Instagram posts, blog reviews, lives and mostly recipes! Developped recipes to accompany and enhance wine. 


    Jessica Frej, Madeleine Landley and Jennie Walldén are 3 women who are involved in the swedish culinary sphere, and they make us discover recipes full of flavours which will accompany beautifully white wines, red ones and of course champagne ! 

    • More than 13 000 likes, clicks, comments, shares and saves on Facebook and Instagram
    • A little more than 349 000 persons were reached by the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and blogs