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    • Wines and spirits: French exports hit “historic” highs in 2017

    Wines and spirits: French exports hit “historic” highs in 2017

    19 February 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    French wine and spirit exports reached a “historic” high last year, gaining €1 billion in value, as announced by the French Federation of Wines and Spirits Exporters (FEVS) on 14 February 2018.


    In 2017, the sector shipped 198.6 million cases abroad (a 5% increase), bringing in €12.9 billion  (an 8.5% gain). Cognac once again drove exports (up 8.7% in terms of volume and up 10.8% in terms of value), but wine also bounced back (up 6% in terms of volume) after five straight years of decline. All designations of origin capitalised on this renewed momentum, for a total of €8.7 billion exported (a 9.6% increase). While sales of wines and spirits in the EU are once again on the rise (up 4.5% in terms of volume), more than 80% of this growth comes from non-EU countries. The United States remains the leading market, with sales now exceeding €3 billion (a 9.5% increase). China, in third place, continues to see strong growth at €1.2 billion (up 24.5%).


    How can this record be explained?


    “This new upturn in growth is happening in nearly all countries, and is a sign that French products on the whole are once again appealing,” explains François Collache, Director of Drinks Sales at Sopexa. “This illustrates the dynamism of French products in both sales approaches and in marketing support in local markets.  One highlight is the return of Bordeaux wines, the outstanding performance of Provence wines, which have capitalised on Americans’ recent interest in dry rosés and made them a true international success story, or the steady growth of varietal wines, a new area for creativity in the wine sphere. In terms of spirits, Cognac has strengthened its international success and remains one of the favourite French products, both on mature markets as well as in up-and-coming areas such as China and Africa.”