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    • We had an e-cofee with Alan Aguirre Camou, Head of Marketing at Divine Flavor

    We had an e-cofee with Alan Aguirre Camou, Head of Marketing at Divine Flavor

    Par Madina Ehsan

    We had an e-cofee with Alan Aguirre Camou, Head of Marketing at Divine Flavor. Our readers would like to hear more about DF, could you describe the brand in 3 key figures ?


    • 1995: Our parent company Grupo Alta, called “Alta Vineyards” back in the day, was one of the first Mexican farmers to push the social responsibility initiative in the global produce industry. This was a couple of years before Fairtrade International was even founded in Germany.
    • 365: 365 days per year we proudly distribute ‘Better Food for a Better World’ with a focus on the social responsibility initiative, as well as others. We fulfill many needs in the management of the produce supply chain of our specialty products like the famous Cotton Candy grape, and everything we do comes from the heart.
    • 6 : The company’s mission to “Grow Better Food for a Better World” is rooted in 6 Pillars.


    What are these 6 pillars/values, can you tell us about them?



    The 6 pillars are the driving force behind everything we do and help support the consistency that the conscious consumer can expect to find in our products on the market.


    The first one, Quality, has always been important within our markets that place high value on quality produce, which means constant nurturing and caring of plants, in the most nature-intended way, to achieve the best flavor & longest possible shelf life.


    Food Safety should count as ground zero, meaning it is a must for everything in the food industry – All of our farm & warehouse installations comply with yearly and monthly certification audits that make up the foundation of our work.


    Social responsibility is essential to Divine Flavor, as we strive to provide a fair living wage, healthy working conditions, and access to benefits for all our employees. For 25 years, people from other regions in our Latin american countries recognize our farms as a heartfelt place to work, and continue to return to us for the improved quality of life conditions they experience as our partners.


    Traceability is important for consumers to understand exactly where their food is coming from, while it also conveniently serves our retailer, distributor & grower partners. With the right traceability measures in place, we can quickly detect any quality issue or packing error that may arise and pinpoint this anywhere from supermarket to the farm lot or in between.


    The last two pillars very much go hand in hand: As a year round supplier of organic produce, we recognize and respect the natural environment – the soil in which the plants grow, and the long term benefits we see both related to product growth and consumer health – benefits that exist as a result of the use of natural fertilizers, and consumption of pesticide-free products.


    We honor our people just as we treat our land – with dignity and respect. Sustainability to us involves nurturing the local soil and being conscious of our farm practices all while trying to make a positive impact. Examples of sustainable practices we abide by include drip-irrigation for reduced water usage, efficient waste management, solar panels for energy efficiency and protection of local flora & fauna.


    What is your analysis of the American market in this unprecedented period?


    As of now things are still uncertain, unemployment crisis in the global economy will surely affect the produce industry demand, although we have no idea as of yet how big that impact will be. All retail channels as of now are expecting changes to their supply chains one way or another, most likely shifting to more digital activities in the world of commerce.  


    We will continue to work on delivering the best quality product backed up by the better food, better world philosophy we stand by, independent of the retail & trade channels that we associate with.

    We are conscious of the unprecedented new times, but we are confident that we can adapt ourselves to as necessary in order to remain a top choice for specialty flavor in the produce sector.



    Can you talk a little bit about the Influencer Cooking Competition you are currently working on and how this program allows you to connect further with your audience?


    One partnership we are very proud of is a cooking competition that we recently put in place in partnership with SOPEXA. We engaged our social media community in a competition voting on their favorite of 5 recipes created each from a different food influencer. In the end, the “Four cheese roasted grape toast” made by Taylor Golub was the winner. This activation helped to donate 25,000 meals behalf of Taylor to Feeding America, a non-profit food bank organization for hunger relief.


    We continue to connect with our community through farmer stories, fun recipes, and allowing them to see their contributions made to important causes that stem directly from the purchases of quality products they can find at their local retailers. Our community has really grown in recent years which we are thankful for, and we hope to constantly be involved in their daily food interests.