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  • The Tsukiji market, a reference

    05 October 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    For 83 years, downtown Tokyo vibrated to the rhythm of the gigantic Tsukiji market. As of October 11, it will be transferred to Toyosu, less picturesque but a more modern venue. For the inhabitants, it is certainly the end of an era!


    Facts and figures on this iconic Tokyo fish market:



    600 billion yen, or 4.6 billion euros : this is the estimated cost of the move, a colossal operation that will take place over five days and see 900 companies leave the neighborhood.



    The size in square meters of the new Toyosu market, the equivalent of 56 football stadiums. It is twice the size of the old Tsukiji market.


    The “people” of Tsukiji (employees and regular customers).


    The weight, in tons, of fish, fruits and vegetables that pass each day by Tsukiji. On stalls, 480 kinds of seafood, 270 varieties of fruits and vegetables, for a daily income of ten million euros.