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    • Spiked water, the hot new drink in the USA

    Spiked water, the hot new drink in the USA

    16 September 2019Par Lucile Remy
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    Ever heard of alcoholic water? This sipper is all the rage in the United States!

    Spiked sparkling water has been a big hit now for the past several weeks, but what is the secret to its success? In recent months, the trend in so-called “Clear Drinks” has been gaining momentum worldwide, and namely in Japan. Apparently, transparent drinks come across to consumers as less synthetic in nature! In this day and age of healthy food, transparency is proving a big asset: younger people have quickly taken to this drink in the hope that it has less of an impact on their waistline than wine or beer. This seems like a smart choice. Indeed, a can of spiked water contains around 100 calories and two grams of sugar compared to 140 calories and approximately five times more sugar in a can of beer.   

    Spiked water contains around 5 percent alcohol, which comes from fermented sugar or malt, and is available in a variety of flavours, mainly fruit. The most popular brand in the US, White Claw, is currently dominating the country’s nascent hard seltzer market.

    According to the Nielsen Market Research Institute, sales of alcoholic water skyrocketed 200% in 2018, making the market a true potential launching pad for brands that venture into this growing field.   



    Now hitting the UK 


    Following its success in the US, the drink is now tickling taste buds in the United Kingdom. Selling for the equivalent of around €1.90, it is thus considered as a high-end drink.  
    When will we be able to sip spiked water here in France? No one knows for sure, but we are betting it won’t be too long!


    [Source : AFP]