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    • #sopexaInsights – The KOL & KOC, what is it?

    #sopexaInsights - The KOL & KOC, what is it?

    Par Madina Ehsan



    [#sopexaInsights] E1 – Digital Trends in China – Episode 1: The KOL & KOC.


    At a time when physical distancing is required, digital channels allow us to maintain the link with all our audiences across the planet. So, SOPEXA deciphers for you the major digital trends of the most advanced country in the field.


    “Now in China, if you want to sell your product, you have to do storytelling and do it through Key Opinion Leaders”. Augustin Missoffe, Managing Director of SOPEXA Asia, tells us what we need to know about the major digital trends in China.


    #sopexaInsights are the major food & drink trends in the world deciphered by our #SOPEXA experts.