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    • Sopexa to support VITA+ in its branding & influencer strategies

    Sopexa to support VITA+ in its branding & influencer strategies

    15 May 2019Par Ghislaine Plus

    Mexico’s ALTEX group has selected Sopexa to boost the image and awareness of its VITA+ brand of fresh fruits on the Japanese market.

    Currently sold through several large Japanese distribution networks, the brand today wishes to continue growing on the B-to-C market, namely targeting working people 25 to 40 years of age.


    The agency’s recommended strategy revolves around three pillars:


    • Branding, with a visual identity tailored to the specifics of the Japanese market, in particular a strong focus on product freshness in order to reassure Japanese consumers, who are highly demanding with regard to the quality of the products they eat and drink.
    • An impactful social media campaign to heighten awareness of the brand and product range, as well as to promote various times of day and occasions to enjoy VITA+ fruits.
    • An experiential dimension, with street marketing and POS actions to bring the product straight to consumers.


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