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    • Sopexa supports student innovation in partnership with Ecotrophelia

    Sopexa supports student innovation in partnership with Ecotrophelia

    29 June 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    For the 8th year, Sopexa, the international communication agency 100% dedicated to Food & Drink, is backing Ecotrophélia France, the country’s only food innovation competition, whose national finals took place from 26 to 28 June in Avignon.


    This year, in order to encourage the bold creativity of young talents throughout Europe, the agency – active in 24 countries – is extending its support to Ecotrophelia Europe, a true “Champions League of Food Innovation” whose final will be held at the SIAL exhibition in October 2018.



    This educational initiative, which this year mobilised over 160 students from 18 top-flight universities, engineering schools and business schools, offers young people an invaluable experience: creating a new food product developed in partnership with food-sector industrial firms and research centres. It also enables them to work on all facets of the product’s development, from technical aspects, flavour and regulations to marketing, packaging, funding and sales.  


    The team from ISARA Lyon was awarded Sopexa’s Special Prize for Communication and Marketing for its creation “Inflore & Sens”, an ingenious drink preparation made using essential oils.


    Inflore & Sens awarded by Anaïs Maury – Photo Credit : C.Delestrade


    Chosen among 22 original creations competing in the event, Inflore & Sens is used to make sweet, natural drinks that can be enjoyed either hot or cold and are perfect for people on the go. Presented in liquid stick packaging, the product contains natural plant extracts and essential oils for flavours that are at once vegetal, fruity and spicy. The innovation lies in the product’s taste as well as in its handy, on-the-go usability.  


    Inflore & Sens Photo Credit : C.Delestrade


    “The Ecotrophélia Class of 2018 has, yet again, reflected the hottest trends in food,” comments Anaïs Maury, Sopexa’s Director of Communication, Innovation and Public Affairs. “These include on-the-go eating, healthy snacking, freedom of choice, flexitarianism and products targeting specific types of consumers (pregnant women, night workers, the lactose intolerant and others). But beyond that, it helps to pinpoint some interesting directions for the food of tomorrow. Among these, there is no doubt that new drinks made from plants, essential oils or fruits, to be enjoyed hot or cold as a substitute for tea or coffee, have a bright future in store!”


    As well, Sopexa is continuing its commitment to young start-ups that will help to revolutionise the way we eat and drink in the future, namely strengthening its partnerships with initiatives such as Invivo Quest and the Digital Food Lab studies. The agency also supports food start-ups such as Label Abeilles and Aura.