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    • Sopexa launches the 15th edition of the Apéritif à la française®

    Sopexa launches the 15th edition of the Apéritif à la française®

    Sopexa News

    Sopexa promotes the French Touch and launches the 15th edition of the Apéritif à la française® in Tokyo, Copenhagen, Montreal and Hong Kong

    Once again this year, sunny days and good times are on the menu with the launch of the Apéritif à la française®, the event that brings foodies in Tokyo, Copenhagen, Montreal and Hong Kong a joyful, unforgettable experience in French lifestyle and togetherness!


    Organised by Sopexa, in conjunction with the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the festivities kicked off on 19 May in Tokyo, drawing some 30,000 participants. The celebration will stop off in Copenhagen on 8 and 9 June and in Montreal from 11 to 19 August before winding down in Hong Kong during the Wine & Dine Festival from 24 to 27 October. 


    The concept: to showcase French lifestyle and highlight the variety, quality and trendy, modern appeal of French foods and beverages through special events for the general public and industry professionals. The programme allows consumers in host countries to experience first-hand over 100 partner French brands.


    A special time for human togetherness and bonding, the Apéritif is an excellent means of conveying the values spontaneously associated with French food culture that it embodies, including festivity, sharing, the pleasure of hospitality and creativity.


    Today, the aperitif is enjoying renewed popularity amongst all generations and, in some cases, even rivalling the standard meal! It is part of a groundswell movement stemming from the desire for authenticity and, beyond that, the need to take a break from our hectic daily lives and relax with friends or family. Trendier than ever, the 2018-style aperitif is winning over consumers by allowing for even more freedom and ingenuity, from low-key gatherings to more formal, festive affairs.


    Apéritif à la Française

    The aperitif is truly a cornerstone of the French lifestyle! Indeed, according to a survey carried out by NellyRodi[1] for the French Aperitif Food Manufacturers Association (Syndicat des Apéritifs à Croquer), 67.6% of French people enjoy aperitifs regularly, with some even acknowledging that it is fundamental for them! Something of a ritual, 98% of the respondents claim it is synonymous with “well-being and leisure in everyday life.” By organising its Apéritifs à la française®, Sopexa seeks to promote – in addition to French products – a true “French Touch” that combines tradition, modern life, conversation and the shared pleasure of eating together. Thus, for its 15th edition, the agency is organising “French events” that celebrate authenticity, good cheer and the simple pleasures of life in four iconic cities! A relaxing, well deserved break in today’s world, where 81% of respondents see the aperitif as an act of joyful resistance in a global climate rife with fear and uncertainty.


    Whether at home for a bit of DIY enjoyment or out on the town for some fun and surprise, at a bar or on the beach, with retro, Riviera, healthy or “surf-n-turf” flair, the aperitif is whatever you want it to be! It’s all about freedom, fun and creativity. The same applies for the drinks you serve: anything goes, with or without alcohol.


    Among the brands and products on hand at the events, visitors will find Lillet, Pierre Oteiza, Joseph Cattin, Chateau Caladroy, Les Costières de Pomerols, Mathez, Le Comptoir des Flandres, Edmond Fallot, Huilerie Coopérative de Beaucaire, Huilerie Artisanale J. Leblanc et fils, La Belle-Iloise, Castaing, Salaison du Champsaur, La Mortuaciennne, Domaine de Marie, Domaine Wittmann, Alsace, Vin de France, les Champagnes Vauversin, Mouzon Leroux, Nominé-Renard, Bauget-Jouette and others.


    In 2017, the Apéritifs à la française® brought together 500,000 people in 5 countries with 150 partner brands. The events generated 35.6 million contacts on social networks and through media coverage.



    See the Programme for 2018 at: Apé

    Contact: Jocelyne Fouassier, Director, French Image –

    [1] NellyRodi 2017 survey for Le Syndicat des Apéritifs à Croquer