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    • Sopexa helps to maintain biodiversity and sets up smart beehives on the rooftops of Paris

    Sopexa helps to maintain biodiversity and sets up smart beehives on the rooftops of Paris

    20 July 2018Sopexa News

    In 20 years, honey production has fallen threefold, namely due to excessively high mortality among honeybee colonies. In light of this, and aware of the vital role honeybees play in our ecosystem, Sopexa has teamed up with French start-up Label Abeille!

    The sad fact is that, while honeybees help to pollinate 80% of plant species – thus making them an indispensible ally in maintaining balanced ecosystems and productive farming – some 30% to 40 % of Europe’s beehives have been wiped out in less than 10 years. Without bees, there will be no more honey, no more veggies, no more flowers, no more cotton, no more flax, and so on. In other words, no more life!


    Label Abeille, a French start-up committed to the environment and to preserving natural resources, offers an innovative solution to support beekeepers, enabling them to track what’s happening in their hives hour-by-hour and thus take action at the right time to ensure the well-being of their honeybee colonies. Thanks to a smart monitor placed under the hive, beekeepers can now track the data required to properly manage their colonies  (e.g. weight, temperature, humidity, flowering, etc.) via an application for smartphones and tablets.



    The Label Abeille smart monitor


    The results are clear: Label Abeille’s innovation has helped reduce mortality in “smart” beehives by 40%, to boost productivity by up to 30% and to save time for beekeepers.


    Label Abeille’s dashboard enables real-time tracking of conditions inside beehives.


    By supporting this initiative, Sopexa, the international communication agency 100% dedicated to food, drink and lifestyle, is helping to protect honeybees and making a commitment to biodiversity by raising awareness among companies, employees and the general public.


    See how Sopexa’s smart beehives are doing on Instagram!