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    Par Madina Ehsan

    For more than 60 years, Sopexa has been dedicated to promoting gastronomy throughout the world. Thanks to producers and all food professionals, we manage to make a living from our exciting jobs. Hence, we have always been naturally committed to them and seek to be impactful together.


    As a founding member of Solaal, we support the communication of this French association. It fights against food waste and facilitates the link between farmers with unsold products and food aid associations. Overall, 12,477 tons of fruit and 6,952 tons of vegetables were donated. In 2020, Solaal was selected by the French government to act within the framework of the emergency plan to fight against precariousness.


    Also in 2020, La Fondation pour l’Innovation et la Transmission du Goût participated in the solidarity effort in France by imagining the “Goût du Jeu” program. Fun activities around taste, for children, to entertain them while raising their awareness on healthy nutrition. This foundation, created at the initiative of Sopexa and Hopscotch Groupe, fights against social inequalities and exclusion in the field of food. Through a program of transmission and innovative actions aimed at everyone, the Foundation promotes the sharing of good food and pleasure for all.


    In the same year, instability has also shaken up the wine industry. In the United States of America, Sopexa launched a communication offensive on Linkedin to support American sommeliers hit by the Covid crisis. The objective was to offer visibility on social media to develop their professional opportunities. We also redesign our communication campaigns; for instance, in England, we chose sommeliers affected by the crisis (loss of activity or partial unemployment) to animate the emblematic Piaggio van of the “Bucket List” campaign imagined for the Wines of the Loire Valley. Every weekend, a sommelier presented the wines of 4 appellations in the typical districts of London or close to consumers’ homes. We also redesigned our food communication campaigns. For example, for the mainstream campaign AvoGoodDay imagined for Avocados from Mexico, the Canadian team integrated a dimension of solidarity. The first 1000 consumers could donate a meal box to the neediest.


    At Sopexa, our talents work to adopt good reflexes and good practices internally. All our employees are educated to become actors of our sustainable approach. More than half of our international talentS has been trained to address CSR issues such as eco-design, carbon footprint and offsetting, inclusive communication, and digital sobriety. Supported by in-house specialists we think responsibly about communication strategies and shape the right mechanisms to be put in place for ourselves and our clients.


    What about tomorrow? We want to co-construct with our stakeholders transparent and inclusive influencer’s campaigns, low-carbon marketing actions, and zero waste events.


    “We are convinced that our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers can co-construst more virtuous campaigns together” comments Anne-Sophie Hottiaux, Food Development Director & Managing Director EMEA at Sopexa.


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