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  • Smart beehives to keep bees healthy

    20 August 2018Sopexa News

    And now, the second instalment of our summer saga dedicated to bees. Previously, we told you about our commitment to French start-up Label Abeille to help fight against excessively high mortality amongst honeybees. Today, we get down to business!

    It is on the rooftops of the Jussieu university campus that we met with Alban, a Parisian beekeeper, and Bertrand, founder of the start-up Label Abeille, a few weeks ago. The aim of the meeting? To set up Label Abeille’s smart monitors under our beehives in order to track precious information on their environment, hour by hour, and thus ensure the bees have the right conditions to produce honey.  


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    Let’s take a look at some of the footage from this meeting, see how the smart monitors were installed and learn a little bit more about how they work.