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    • Restaurants: how to enhance the guest experience in the digital age?

    Restaurants: how to enhance the guest experience in the digital age?

    05 June 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    The Food Hotel Tech exhibition took place on 4 and 5 June 2018 at the Paris Event Center. Of course, Sopexa was on hand to get a closer look at the big challenges & emerging trends in the sector. Here is what we found.


    A full menu of start-ups took part in the Food Hotel Tech exhibition, showing off new restaurant reservation applications, chatbots, automated services and much more. However, technology does not necessarily rhyme with dehumanisation. As proof, here are 4 commandments that will help you improve your guest experience thanks to digital media:


    Thou shalt polish thy e-reputation

    To improve the guest experience, managing your e-reputation is vital. According to André Terrail, CEO of the La Tour D’Argent restaurant in Paris, your e-reputation helps to establish a high-quality brand identity in a consistent, precise manner. For Terrail, fine-tuning his e-reputation through skilful communication on social media helped give his Michelin-starred restaurant – which at first glance may come across as intimidating – a friendlier, more down-to-earth image. 



    Thou shalt become more socially responsible

    With digital media, another challenge is how to keep the guest experience going. Indeed, an experience that lasts longer has a greater impact on diners.


    To help make it last longer, simply get the experience started right from the online reservation process. One company, GuestOnline, offers restaurateurs the chance to turn booking a table into a socially responsible act. When a guest reserves online, the chosen restaurant donates €1 per diner to charity. This small detail in the online reservation process can truly be a boon to restaurateurs, as guests will get the feeling they are doing a good deed without necessarily paying more.


    Thou shalt keep up a conversation with thy guests

    What better way to prolong a guest’s experience than to ask them for their opinion after dining in your eatery? This will help you get a very precise idea of what diners enjoy and what needs to be improved. Never forget that every single guest is a potential influencer and brand ambassador. Indeed, the guest experience continues right up until they leave a review on TripAdvisor, Yelp, a blog or any other digital resource.



    Thou shalt give thy guests a personalised experience

    Digital technology has changed the guest experience significantly through personalisation and interaction. Côme de Chérisey, Managing Director of Gault et Millau, encourages hotels and restaurants to build a close relationship with guests, for example through storytelling on social networks, making sure to keep their image under tight control. The human dimension of the restaurant business is crucial, and the guest relationship and experience carry on all the way into the kitchen! So why not showcase your cooking staff, sommeliers and servers on your social networking accounts?