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    Restaurants that are actually good for Mother Nature!

    12 March 2019Latest news & trends in food & drink

    In 2019, restaurateurs are now more than ever investing in food that’s good for the planet! 


    What does this mean concretely? Above all, fighting waste and pollution, as well as protecting the climate. And with the food sector making big strides in this area, the possibilities are endless. Examples include eliminating plastic straws and cups, more widespread use of doggie bags and apps that help to distribute unsold food products. Next up: eco-friendly restaurants!


    How about a few eco-friendly eateries in Paris?


    Yuman Restaurant: founder Gilles Tessier uses only 100% certified organic foods. And that’s not all: the decor features natural products and filtered water. Tessier even painstakingly chooses the cleaning products he uses, ensuring they all bear an eco-friendly label. 


    Pur: this eatery offers mainly organic fare, handpicked from several local farmers and manufacturers. Bumping its environmental responsibility up a notch, the restaurant uses a technique that few others have implemented: deposits. At Pur, you eat from glass jars that you pay a small deposit on, even when you order a take-out meal. 


    Simone Lemon: The French capital’s go-to eco-friendly dining spot. Simone Lemon offers generous portions made using the outcasts of the gastronomy world: ugly fruits and veggies. Here, the concept is simple: help yourself at a large central buffet and pay by the weight!