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  • Oktoberfest 2018, the world beer tour

    05 October 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    The Beer Festival or “Oktoberfest” in some countries take place for one to several days. During the event, a wide choice of brands is proposed to the tasting and/or consumption. Seen as a popular gathering place, the Oktoberfest is celebrated. And this, all over the world. 

    Go for a world tour of beer! 


    • The Oktoberfest in Munich : Probably the most essential. In all, 16 days of festivities and more than 6 million visitors annually. The Oktoberfest is the second most popular event in the world after Rio Carnival.


    • The Beer Festival of Quindao : Did you know ? The city of Quindao, seaside city of China colonized by the Germans at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth housed one of the largest productions of beer in the world: that of the Tsingtao brand. 


    • The Stuttgart Cannstatter : If you have already tested one of Munich, the second place of covetousness of Germany is located in Stuttgart. Parades of colorful wagons and folk music groups make this holiday an unmissable event with nearly 3.5 million visitors on the plain of Cannstatter Wasen. 


    • The Oktoberfest in Paris : The famous beer festival began in Paris! Between tastings of beer German Paulaner, Munich gastronomy and popular music, the event promises to make a great edition. Again this year in the months of October and November, the Oktoberfest France moved to Paris and then to Marseille for 20 days of unprecedented party under the sign of the beer, the conviviality and Bavarian culture. 





    • The Great British Beer Festival in London : Its particularity? It is one of the only festivals of beer which is held indoors. No offense to the London rain. Concerts, games and British beer tastings fun for 5 days in the big city Olympia Exhibition Center. 


    • The Belgian Beer weekend in Brussels : Very major beer producers, the Belgians are finally more reasonable than others when it comes to celebrate it. Every year, a small event is still organized in honor of the drink to the hop at the beginning of September. 40 Belgian Brewers are used, with a smile, their visitors on the Grand Place of Brussels to taste their 180 brands of local beers. 


    • NYC Oktoberfest : Almost simultaneously to that of Munich, this huge party is the heartbeat of the Americans. Most restaurant and bars offer food and beer straight from Germany for the festivities. At the heart of the city, in the gardens, fountains of beer giant settled.