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    • Mission Miam, the first comic book on nutrition that makes kids laugh

    Mission Miam, the first comic book on nutrition that makes kids laugh

    03 October 2017

    With one out of six French children being overweight, nutrition is a key issue in society today and a major public health challenge. This topic is one of the priorities debated at the French National Food Forum (#EGalim), initiated by the President of France, whose conclusions and main proposals are to be made public in the coming weeks.

    A specialist in the food sector and observer of consumers for over 50 years, and convinced that children are THE key target to improve eating habits, Sopexa is publishing a comic book entitled Mission Miam![1], the 1st complete educational tool, designed by and for children! 




    Supported by INRA’s Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour (CSGA) and by theFoundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste[i], Mission Miam offers children and pre-teens a new way of speaking about food without any taboos and that doesn’t make them feel guilty. Based on the everyday lives of 9 to 12 year-olds, the comic makes humorous use of their social norms and language to get the right messages across, ones that can be understood, memorized and incorporated in their current lifestyles!


    “Children know the official nutritional recommendations by heart, but the fact is that, although they can recite them, they don’t always understand what the guidelines actually mean! The educational workshops we ran confirmed this: the kids were telling us that eating 5 strawberries was the equivalent of eating the 5 fruits and vegetables recommended every day!,” explains Armelle Dardaine-Leopoli, author of Mission Miam and VP for Nutrition and Health at Sopexa. So we decided to pass on a message that is positive and easy to understand, that speaks directly to them using their own language. We look at food as a whole: the food guidelines, whether they focus on types of products or the times when they are eaten, are always shown in real-life situations, so that children can make the connection between their everyday activities and what they see on their plate.”



    The aim: free distribution to French kids

     “It is urgent to better help children to discover taste, a balanced diet and eating well. Sopexa wants to take greater action to accomplish this by offering an innovative resource in the general interest,” explains Jean-René Buisson, Sopexa’s CEO. “We plan to distribute Mission Miam free of charge to all French children from 9 to 12 years of age, thanks to our supporters.”

    Mission Miam has already won over five initial backers: Coop de France, the General Mills Foundation, Danone, Fromageries Bel and Nestlé France.


    In order to reach as many children as possible, there are several distribution channels:


    • Free distribution during Semaine du Goût® (‘Taste Week’), from 10 to 16 October 2017, at 2,500 elementary schools taking part in the Leçons de Goût® (‘Taste Classes’) programme.
    • Delivery to all paediatric clinics and offices in France so the comic can be made available in waiting rooms.
    • Handouts at major general public events such as the Paris International Agricultural Show.
    • Home delivery upon request by contacting Sopexa via the www.sopexa.comwebsite (while supplies last). 


    [1] ‘The Yum Squad’

    [i] Under the aegis of the Foundation Against Social Exclusion (FACE)