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    • ‘Milk Moments’, European Milk hits TV screens with new campaign

    'Milk Moments', European Milk hits TV screens with new campaign

    The European Milk Forum (EMF), a group of eight European diary trade associations, including the CNIEL, has chosen the team of Sopexa and Sid Lee Paris to set up its new pan-European communication campaign for 2016-2018 (in France, Ireland, Northern Ireland/the United Kingdom, Denmark and Belgium).

    At the heart of the programme co-funded by the European Union is a TV commercial tailored to each country that will hit television screens in two waves – the first in spring and the second in autumn.


    Entitled “Milk Moments”, the commercials portray milk drinkers enjoying the beverage in various situations, each rooted in everyday life: on the move, at a bus stop, coming back from the gym, in the evening before going to bed…. Everyone has their own unique “Milk Moment”.


    The media campaign is backed by digital activation and PR drives specific to each country. Sopexa will mobilise its network of foodies, namely in France and Belgium, to create and manage communities of Milk Lovers throughout the year on social networks and at various events.


    * Credits CNIEL – « Milk Moments » campaign