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    • Look back on Millennials’ purchasing power

    Look back on Millennials’ purchasing power

    Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Look back on Millennials’ purchasing power and the rise in e-commerce in the wine sector with our teams in the US. For us, at Sopexa, Millennials are the most important consumer segment for our clients. Clients are increasingly asking us for advice on how to best reach out to them and shifting traditional PR budgets to social media in order to best connect with them. More than half of our office is composed of Millennials, we know what we’re talking about!

    But what are the characteristics of Millennials?


    • They are true wine lovers!
      • – They make for 32% of US population but 50% of wine consumers.
      • – They drink often: 45% Millennials who drink wine do so 2-5 times a week.
      • – They have money. Most spending power of any generation in 2017.


    • Millennials are driving wine trends:
      • – They have a strong interest for sustainability and authenticity: 65% Millennials are interested in natural wines.
      • – They are pushing brands to reinvent themselves, including online, as they are looking for “the next cool thing”: 86% Millennials are open to purchasing a wine that they don’t know.
      • – They are demanding more presence online: E-commerce should be aligned with social media trends, as Millennials like to share information online about what they love.


    • Despite their massive wine consumption, Millennials experience “wine fear,” thus leading them to be a more natural audience for e-commerce:
      • – 42% fear of mispronouncing a wine’s name
      • – 27% fear of talking about wine with others
      • – 26% fear of being judged for wine choice





    To connect with millennials and gather data in an organic manner as millennials, like most populations, don’t like when they are being forced or pushed to provide info, it is key to organize specific activations in-premise and online. 



    For example, Garnacha DC Wine Fest offered a non-fussy, not intimating setting to meet with Millennials as it was an immersive branded event with online components such as a social photobooth. Whole Foods Market Facebook Live gave the possibility to see audience by age groups.