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    • Like avocados? You’re going to love Avozillas!

    Like avocados? You’re going to love Avozillas!

    16 August 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Ever heard of the Avozilla? Originally from South Africa, these giant fruits are five times bigger than your standard avocado and can weigh up to 1.8 kilos.

    No doubt about it, the avocado is one of today’s most popular fruits. Renowned for its health benefits, it is used in a number of different ways and has become a key ingredient in our salads, open-faced sandwiches and poke bowls, among other treats. Just when you thought you knew everything about this fruit, along comes a new variety from South Africa that everyone’s talking about: the Avozilla.



    Up to 5 times bigger than a typical avocado, the Avozilla is now grown in northern Australia, in Queensland, by the Groves family. And don’t tell the family that their fruits have less flavour than standard avocados! “Often, the bigger fruits have a different flavour than the smaller ones,” says David Groves, “but here they really have the same flavour. They are very good fruits.”


    Photo Credit : ABC News


    In Australia, a country where avocado toast is amongst the most popular dishes, this is great news for local foodies and delis alike!


    Source : ABC News

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