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    Launch of the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste

    Sopexa News

    Sopexa and Hopscotch Groupe launch the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste under the aegis of FACE.

    Hopscotch Groupe, a world leader in public relations, events and social media, and Sopexa, the international communications agency entirely dedicated to food, drink & lifestyle, are teaming up to create the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste, under the aegis of FACE (the Foundation for Action Against Exclusion).


    This launch has true meaning for both of the founding companies. “Making our expertise available to major social causes with an innovative approach has always been at the heart of our strategy,” says Benoit Désveaux, Managing Director of Hopscotch Groupe.  


    “At a time when all studies are showing that consumers have lost trust in their food, as an agency specialised in food & drink, we believe we have a role to play in enabling everyone to have access to healthy, balanced, enjoyable food,” adds Jean-René Buisson, Chairman and CEO of Sopexa. “This Foundation is unique in that it will not address food through its health dimension, but rather focus on inclusion and taste.”




    The Foundation will support innovative actions aiming to encourage the transmission of taste and “eating well” to help fight against social inequality and exclusion as regards food.  


    The purpose of the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste falls directly within FACE’s scope of action,” says Vincent Baholet, Delegate General of FACE. “This new foundation will help to better prevent all types of exclusion.”


    These actions will focus on 4 key areas:


    – Supporting educational actions for at-risk populations

    For the past 30 years, social psychologist Jean Epstein, a specialist in child development and families, has been conducting research on how our eating habits help shape our identity. A member of the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste Executive Committee, he underscores the importance of taste in building one’s cultural and family identity, and fights to promote “eating well” for everyone, regardless of social class.


    – Setting up foresight actions for social innovation, with experts from all horizons to add to the debate and implement solutions.

    For example, in 2016 Auchan Retail France carried out collaborative work with   Club France du Goût on the theme of “Eating Well on a Small Budget”, with the participation of experts to help explore new possibilities.  


    The chain wishes to continue this experience in 2017 with the Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste. “The Foundation for Innovation and Transmission of Taste and Auchan share the conviction that transmission must be done in a fun, incentive-based, intuitive way,” explains Blandine Janicki, Nutritional Marketing project manager at Auchan Retail France. “We are committed to supporting the Foundation in its various projects and to helping people discover the true role that meals play through sharing, dialogue and discovery.” Auchan Retail France has thus become the Foundation’s first patron.


    – Producing works and sending out messages to a broad audience. The Foundation will develop educational tools for at-risk populations, actions to publicize this knowledge on a wide scale, and good eating practices for the masses in a fun, experiential way.  


    – Supporting interdisciplinary action research projects related to food. In synergy with universities and schools, the Foundation will highlight research topics related to food and eating. To develop tools or set up innovative actions to “spread the notion of eating well”, the Foundation will launch calls for projects (related to trends in eating and food-related behaviours, for example) as well as set up programs that reward research work in the fields of food and taste (in sociology, nutrition and other spheres).  




    – The Executive Committee, composed of Benoit Désveaux (Hopscotch), Jean-René Buisson (Sopexa), Vincent Baholet (FACE), Pascale Hebel (Crédoc), Jean Epstein, social psychologist and Dr. Carolanne Hartwick, will arbitrate and approve the proposed actions. 

    – The Scheduling Committee, composed of partners (such as Auchan Retail France) will propose focus areas and related actions. 

    – Based on the focus areas, the Scheduling Committee will call upon experts in areas related to food and innovation in order to develop the actions.