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    • Korea: where “well-being” is all the rage!

    Korea: where “well-being” is all the rage!

    18 July 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Korean consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and their figure! Recently, faced in particular with an increase in cardiovascular diseases, shoppers are focusing more and more on their physical condition and more broadly their overall well-being, which includes their fitness, their waistline and their appearance.

    Well-being” has thus become a hot trend, a movement illustrated by a change in dietary habits and a desire to eat “clean” foods – i.e. those that are “nutritionally sound, healthy and low in saturated fats” – which means that veggies, legumes and plant proteins are all the rage.    


    Riding this trend, more and more eateries are offering “well-being menus” featuring superfoods, organic veggies and grains, and desserts that are butter-, milk- and egg-free.


    Crédit photo : Balwoo Gongyang


    A sign of the times, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are sparking renewed interest. The ancestral “temple food” eaten by Buddhist monks and practitioners is once again in fashion.


    The example of the Balwoo Gongyang restaurant, which earned its first Michelin star in 2017, is telling: a gourmet and – of course – vegan restaurant, it above all offers “temple cuisine: cooking geared to the well-being of both the body and the mind,” a promise that is in line with the Buddhist tradition.


    Crédit photo : Balwoo Gongyang