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    • How Instagram turned into a giant food market?!

    How Instagram turned into a giant food market?!

    19 October 2017Latest news & trends in food & drink

    This is a fact we can’t deny, Instagram is deeply involved in food culture. There are over 230 million of #food on Instagram, 60 million of them add #delicious #yum and according to Linkfluence 75% of food posts are done by women aged 18 to 34.

    Time has changed since your grandmother was offering you her precious cooking book full of notes on your wedding day. Instagram and your grandmother’s cooking book have one thing in common: food has always been a way of sharing. But Instagram food trend goes further than a simple recipe sharing, it is now a matter of self-expression. Waitrose report in 2016 says that food is today’s hottest social currency: through it we tell others about ourselves. Instagram is a borderless, international platform and the approach is universal.

    Instagram culture has a huge impact on how we view our food. #free is a good example of this trend. Still according to Waitrose report, 70% of British are considering healthy eating as a part of their identity. Living well is something to celebrate and we can’t count posts using #gluten free, #meat free, #sugar free. Conscious consumers are the new consumers and Instagram is a fantastic channel to spread the world.

    Avocado was maybe the first overwhelming trend on Instagram with more than 500 000 pictures of avocado toast. Avocado pictures today are getting so mainstream that it turned #eatclean into a cliché. The Guardian named this phenomenon as “overcado”, avocado on a toast has been too generic to be aspirational.

    Beside eggs clouds, chia seed jar or poke bowl which express how healthy you are, Instagram is also used to show to the entire world how our life is exciting.

    Here comes the flamingo cake, ice cream clouds or rainbow bagels. Not always a sign of good taste but this is my personal opinion! And Instagram community is using multiple courses of visually-led to capture the attention of users. Creative photogenic is becoming an obsession for foodies and you can find plenty of articles which explain you the best tips to maximize your food photo impact.

    But restaurants are getting in the act too. According to The Good Food Guide, restaurants today tend to have one dish on the menu that is really Instagram able and people often go to a specific restaurant just to say they have had that dish. Delectable dishes, with relevant hashtags, can be a viral source of free marketing.

    Photo credit: Yum Cha Hong Kong

    Nicolas Lambert, Head Pastry Chef of Caprice Four Seasons Hotel, is a rising star on Instagram, followed by more than 67K pastry lovers and he is saying so: “When I create a dessert, look and taste are incredibly important. I never use filters because guests want their meals to look exactly the same. And since I am posting my creations on Instagram I can tell that strawberry is always scoring! I guess the red coloris appealing and catches the attention. I have to say that sharing my work on Instagram is now part of my job and Instagram is an impressive powerful channel to promote my restaurant and my creations.”

    And Hong Kong people are demanding! They like new things all the time. Since Nicolas has opened his account he has created 280 different products to keep his audience’s interest. In Hong Kong and Macau, posting photos of meals on Instagram and other social media sites has become a craze. In response, some restaurants are making it a priority to have their dishes Instagram-ready.

    Social media is changing the way food is enjoyed. Some chefs will prefer a time when dining out was focused on conversations. But it is now proven that Instagram is also changing the way food is prepared and restaurants, chefs and agro-food professionals definitely need to embrace the trend!

    Photo credit : Food24