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    • #InsideOut: Thibaut Jarrousse of 10-Vins

    #InsideOut: Thibaut Jarrousse of 10-Vins


    An interview with Thibaut Jarrousse, co-founder of 10-VINS who has created the D-Vine, a smart machine that serves wine by the glass, just like a sommelier. His winetech start-up is full of surprises.

    – Describe the D-Vine in 3 words. 
    Chic, fun and authentic. It’s the world’s first smart device for serving wines by the glass.                

    – How did you come up with the concept?  
    The idea for the D-Vine came from three friends, each passionate about wine, who wanted to have the same tasting experience as at their winemaker’s cellar right in the comfort of their own home. The first prototypes of the machine were built in their garage after many evenings and weekends of work. In  2012, Thibaut Jarrousse was the first of the three to quit his job to officially kick off the 10-Vins adventure.  

    – What is your pitch?        
    The perfect glass of wine. The D-Vine aerates the wine and brings it to the right serving temperature in under a minute.         

    – Some people call it “the Nespresso of Wine”. Do you agree with that description?
    Yes and no! Yes, because it helps people to grasp the concept more quickly. No, because the business model is quite different and, above all, the wine doesn’t come in powdered form!  

    – How do you select the wines?      
    We contact the winemakers or they contact us directly. The wines then go through a selection committee with our oenologist Béatrice Dominé. Those that are selected are put in flacons and added to our wine menu. We are constantly building up our menu with lovely wines that are representative of France’s winemaking heritage and rare crus for a bit of surprise. Very soon, we will be offering our first foreign wines.               

    – Who uses the D-Vine?    
    In our B-to-B business, we supply 3-to-5-star hotels. The D-Vine enables them to offer high-quality wines with very reliable, consistent service. This is reassuring for hotel staff who are not connoisseurs or guests who would like to serve themselves a glass of wine in their room. On the B-to-C market, consumer habits are changing. The D-Vine enables users to more easily enjoy a variety of wines and give in to the temptation of a grand cru, without worrying about temperature or aeration. Great for romantic dinners with a special someone or an aperitif with a few friends.

    – Your work motto?          
    “Done is better than perfect”             

    – The craziest food-wine pairing you’ve come across?          
    On the whole, we can say that wines and dishes from the same region generally go well together. However, we disagree with the common preconception that cheese goes better with red wine, as 80% of wine and cheese pairings would be better with a white!        

    –  What are your ambitions for the future?               
    There are a great number of possible applications for the D-Vine, and the 10-Vins roadmap is full of new ideas. Follow us on social media to find out more! 🙂

    At Vinexpo 2017, 10-Vins will be running 2 workshops every day on its D-Vine machine at the Sopexa booth – Hall 1 DE 98.