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    • #InsideOut Jean-Philippe André, Haribo

    #InsideOut Jean-Philippe André, Haribo

    06 October 2015Interviews

    Jean-Philippe André, chairman of the board of HARIBO RICQLES ZAN and Chief Executive of HARIBO ITALIA.

    My motto at work? Work seriously without taking yourself too seriously. 


    My vision for Haribo? A harmonious blend of community spirit and strong brand performance. We’ve been working on it for 9 years and (keeping our fingers crossed) it’s been turning out quite well. In fact, it’s all about bringing our (French) baseline to life: “Haribo c’est beau la vie, pour les grands et les petits”. 


    The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of? The growth of Haribo in recent years! 


    What makes for a good communications campaign? Something that gets inside your head and that you can only get free from after you’ve purchased the product. 


    My favourite ad? When I was a teenager, the ad for Pacific. As an adult, the ads for Ricoré and currently Nespresso. 


    An international culinary tradition that I’m quite fond of? Lebanese mezze: sharing an assortment of small, tasty dishes with others!  


    The future market for my company?  A range tailored to local tastes, everywhere, in the right packaging. 


    What is my sector all aboutGiving out little treats, to everyone. Every day. How do we do it? With high quality sweets. 


    My relationship with social networks? Something of a necessity, so, used very sensibly. 


    A cause I feel strongly about? An autism non-profit association whose president is a very dear friend. 


    A personal commitment? The fight against ignorance, the mother of all evil.  


    My favourite dish? When the weather’s cold, a sauerkraut with all the fixings at a Strasbourg winstub. I have found my inner Alsatian…