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    • #InsideOut: DJBBQ, a food youtuber on fire!

    #InsideOut: DJBBQ, a food youtuber on fire!

    12 October 2017Interviews

    After taking part in the Paris Food Tour organised in june 2017 where 6 European bloggers and youtubers experience French Food, France Bon Appétit now launches a social media Contest to win a gourmet trip for 2 to discover French food & beverages in Paris.

    Take a look at this short interview to know more about DJ BBQ, a famous food youtuber specialised in live fire cooking that participated in the latest campaign.



    Where does the name DJ BBQ come from? 

    It came from an idea I had when DJ’n a festival up in Scotland on the banks of Loch Ness.  I had a tent full of young people dancing and taking their clothes off.  I thought to myself…”What the hell am I gonna do when I’m 50?  I know, I’ll cook BBQ whilst spinning tunes and I created the world of catertainment”


    3 words to define a « Youtuber »?

    New Generation

    New Media

    TV is dead


    3 reasons to watch your videos?

    They are entertaining

    The food is super yummy and delicious

    I teach people how to handle live fire


    What was your first video about?

    Me puking off a boat in Australia filming a youth TV program called RAD for Channel 5.

    Then I did a Brisket video


    What inspires you?

    Friends and music and my three boys.


    Why are you part of Jamie Olivers’s Food Tube, the largest foodie community in Europe?

    I DJ’d a party for Jamie Oliver’s “15-minute meal book launch” and he liked me.  His team knew about me and my world of bbq and I was the first person signed up to the channel.  Now look at em. 3.3 Million and the biggest food network in Europe.


    If I say cooking, you say…



    The strangest picture you posted on social networks?

    A picture of my youngest son throwing the middle finger to the camera in front of a Trump Hotel sign.  We can’t stand the guy and I ended up losing 300 followers.  Don’t really care but I shouldn’t mix politics and IG.


    Tell us about your latest project?

    I just finished shooting my second book, FIRE FOOD, with David Loftus.  Seriously, last week was the best week of my life.  



    Why participate at French Bon Appetit campaign?

    I love FRANCE!  I studied the french language in school and I use to live in Les Arcs when I was producing snowboarding movies in the 90s.


    What will you remember of this experience?

    The markets, the people, the cheese, and the wine.


    The top 3 people you follow on YouTube?

    I don’t watch YouTube.  I don’t have time.  I’m a single dad raising three boys and I work 7-day weeks.  I wish I had time to watch YouTube.


    Crédit photo : Youtube