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    • #InsideOut: Anne Thevenet-Abitbol, driving Danone’s creativity

    #InsideOut: Anne Thevenet-Abitbol, driving Danone’s creativity

    17 May 2018Interviews

    The new Danone du Monde brand is making waves! Here, we meet Anne Thevenet, Prospective and New Concepts VP at Danone, who unveils her sources of inspiration, the latest Food & Drink trends, as well as the Group’s future ambitions and challenges.

    Your role at Danone?

    I am Prospective and New Concepts VP at Danone, which means I’m in charge of coming up with any new ideas that could potentially take the Group forward, whether it be in terms of marketing, HR or social and societal responsibility.

    In any case, that’s how Jean-René Buisson – who was HR director at Danone when I was hired – wrote up my job description 😉

    In a word, I am creative.

    And the characteristic of this unique function in a large group is that, in essence, I have no team or money. Which means that whenever I have an idea, I need to convince people inside the company to help me bring it to life, and to convince others to put money into it.


    Your sources of inspiration?

    The world around me. I’m very empathic and my way of being cultivates serendipity (“fortunate chance”, open-mindedness, intuition and more).


    Danone’s DNA?

    A dual business and social aim, meaning every business initiative must also be socially beneficial.

    Three words to describe “Les Danone du Monde”?

    A brand that aims to open people’s tastes and minds to fight against the “tunnel vision” so present in today’s world. Whoops, that’s more than three words!

    1. Openness
    2. Culture
    3. Incredibly good

     Les Danone du monde


    The recipe for a good product launch?

    Talk about a subject you care about in an authentic way. Be fully committed, like any entrepreneur. Speak about the inception as much as the result. Speak to the minds and the hearts of the people who will be buying your product. Provide both meaning and a good product. And pleasure.


    The career highlight you are proudest of?

    I can’t decide between Les 2 Vaches (‘The 2 Cows’), the EVE and Octave programmes, and Les Danone du Monde. All of them aim to bring people a bit of joy and well-being and to take the company and our society forward 😉


    If I say “food”, you say…

    The joy of a meal. The pleasure of flavour and discussion. Nutrition and fun.


    A food start-up you love?

    Meet My Mama, which gives “Mamas” – homemakers who have migrated to France or are refugees – a voice by letting them express and live out their culinary talent. In cooperation  with le French Bureau, Atlas and la Cantine du Monde, we have created a cultural café that ties in with the vision of openness at the heart of Les Danone du Monde and enables people of all nations and cultures to get together and talk at theme-based dinners.

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    Meet My Mama team

    A food & drink trend in France or abroad that ….

    … surprises you?

    … inspires you?

    The new awareness of quality really delights me. For years, the share of food in the household budget was shrinking, buy now we’re realising more and more that quality comes at a price. Another similar type of awareness is seen in all the various initiatives to reduce food waste, local food networks, organic products, fruits picked when ripe, and so on.

    This deep trend is consistent with Les Danone du Monde: this joyful desire to discover food from other countries.


    Danone’s next challenge?

    I think we share a challenge with distributors; how can we better connect with new buying habits and new online and offline spaces where consumers hang out?  


    Your next challenges?

    To be able to go faster with innovation, using the test & learn approach, in a major company with large-scale production capacity and extremely high quality standards.