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    • #InsideOut Franck Riboud, Chairman, Danone

    #InsideOut Franck Riboud, Chairman, Danone


    My motto at work? Have fun and learn. They go hand in hand!


    Danone in 20 years? Like today for the strong, shared values we are renowned for, and in Africa, which will have become vital to our business.


    The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of? Having helped the group develop internationally and having led the drive to refocus the business.


    What makes a good ad campaign? A good campaign is one that sparks desire, sells and helps to build a community around the brand.  


    My favorite ad? Easy: “Live Young” for Evian. We’ve managed to make it evolve over the years while maintaining the freshness and the guiding principle.


    A culinary tradition I’m quite fond of? Milk is living matter! So, certainly the fermentation of milk.  


    A future market for Danone? Africa, of course, and particularly plants, which will help feed 9 billion people in the future.


    My relationship with social networks? Hmmm… I’m not a big fan.


    A cause I feel strongly about?  Anything that has to do with children. I am an administrator and, for the past few months, President of Fondation Initiative Autisme. Every year, we support projects to support autistic children and their families at school, in their recreational activities, in their everyday lives and more.


    My favorite dish? This is a hard one… semolina with apples, or chicken tarragon, or crawfish tails au gratin. OK, all 3!