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    03 October 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    According to FoodDive – At Baltimore’s Natural Products East Expo – more than 9,000 booths showcased food and beverage innovations, revealing the trends of tomorrow. Between nibbling crickets and sipping pickle juice, there is a flavour for everyone!



    # 1 – The inflated snack


    Whether they are lotus, quinoa or chickpeas, these light and airy snacks encounter a great success. A success thoughtfully planned as the food scientist Steven Witherly explains  “If something melts quickly, the brain thinks there are no calories in it. “


    Crédit : Thai Phi Lei



    # 2 – Ayurvedic herbs


    Whether Moringa or Ashwagandha, these new flavored plants extol their virtues.
    Reduction of inflammation or lowering cholesterol levels, their assests are numerous making these 100% vegan ingredients stand out.

    Crédit : Thai Phi Lei



    #3 – A ‘race for alternative sweetener innovation’


    The sweetener market is appealing, and many are seeking its share. At the Lakanto booth, recipes based on alternative sweeteners have spurred interest, such as waffles or brownies. Xylitol coconut, agave or stevia are competing against sugar.


    Crédit : Thai Phi Lei



    #4 – Exotic meats


    At their booth, the couple Roger Gerber and Beth Allison Kaplan, owners of Blackwing Quality Meats, presented their exotic meats, including wild boar, ostrich or elk. A trend that has been increasing for two decades thanks to increasingly adventurous consumers.


    Crédit : Thai Phi Lei