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    • In Japan, the French Dairy Trade Association chooses Sopexa for its digital communication strategy

    In Japan, the French Dairy Trade Association chooses Sopexa for its digital communication strategy

    21 November 2019Par Ghislaine PLUS

    CNIEL, the French Dairy Trade Association, picks Sopexa for its new digital campaign to promote French cheeses in Japan.

    Cheese is increasingly popular with the Japanese, who have now made “fresh” and “meltable” cheeses a part of their diet, with everyone able to enjoy them as they please, most often as an ingredient in a dish.
    With this in mind, the campaign aims to drive awareness of French cheeses, which – with the exception of top-name varieties such as Camembert, Brie or Bleu d’Auvergne – still receive too little media attention.


    In order to encourage the greatest possible number of new consumers to discover the vast diversity of French cheeses, the agency has designed an influencer strategy entirely based on digital activation. Indeed, in this highly connected country, 93% of the overall population are regular Internet users.  


    A dating site… to find the cheese partner of your dreams !


    An online platform designed as a dating site will entice Japanese consumers to find the “partner” of their dreams! 

      site web fromages de France_BonGout_Japon     


    In reality, everyone can use the site to find the cheese that best matches them thanks to a simple quiz that uses the flavour, texture and aroma characteristics of the cheeses as personal attributes. Thanks to this platform, a wider range of cheeses that are first and foremost adored by enthusiasts will become more visible and better known to the general public.  


    A speed dating event to get up close and personal


    To round out the campaign, a “speed dating” event with a group of selected Web users will enable them to truly get up close and personal with the cheese of their dreams alongside other lovers of this French specialty. Ruka, one of the stars of the hit reality show Terrace House, and the face of the campaign, will be on hand for the occasion. The lucky participants will discover the 16 cheeses showcased by the campaign and will be able to taste them alone or in simple recipes that can be made at home. Internet users not selected for the dating event can win one of 100 cheese assortments to be given away.