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    • Hopscotch Event and Sopexa support Barilla for the Pasta World Championship

    Hopscotch Event and Sopexa support Barilla for the Pasta World Championship

    28 October 2019Par Ghislaine Plus
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    On 10 and 11 October, the two agencies orchestrated Barilla’s Pasta World Championship in Paris, the city the iconic pasta brand chose for the very first edition of its flagship event outside its native Italy.

    A feast of flavours, artistic experiments and creativity


    Hopscotch Event (the organizer) and Sopexa (in charge of press relations) combined their talents to make the first Paris edition of the Barilla Pasta World Championship a veritable feast of flavours, artistic experiments and creativity.


    The challenge was a big one: in honour of the brand’s 50th anniversary in France, Barilla chose Paris, a city of arts and culture, as the one-of-a-kind showcase for the creativity and inspiration of the young chefs competing in the Pasta World Championship. The event drew contestants from 14 countries who went head-to-head on the theme selected for 2019: “The Art of Pasta”.

    The aim: to show how an ingredient as simple and essential as pasta can be endlessly reinterpreted and transformed into a work of art!


    Renowned artists and chefs: a prestigious jury


     photo du Jury du Barilla Pasta World Championship 2019 To judge this international array of up-and-coming culinary talents based on technical aesthetic and taste criteria, the jury included renowned chefs – Davide Oldani, Simone Zanoni and Amandine Chaignot – as well as Italian architect and designer Paola Navone and Australian photographer Ashley Alexander.



    Yuge Keita, the Master of Pasta 2019



    photo Keita Yuge Master of Pasta 2019

    Recette Gagnant Pasta World Championship Yuge
    Yuge Keita’s signature dish : « Penne Gorgonzola Profumo Giapponese »



    Japan’s Yuge Keita took home the title of Barilla Master of Pasta 2019 with his signature dish Penne Gorgonzola Profumo Giapponese, a sophisticated blend of oriental and occidental influences.


    The Pavillon Cambon becomes a pop-up art gallery


    The Pavillon Cambon, a Mecca of Parisian life temporarily transformed into a gallery space, provided the backdrop to celebrate the art of pasta.


    On one side of this eclectic gallery’s passageway, visitors could take in colourful works by renowned Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli. On the other, they were treated to a retrospective of ads and packaging celebrating Barilla France’s 50th anniversary.


    In addition, the “Art of Pasta” space sparked the inspiration of the 400 artists and influencers in the gastronomy sphere taking part in the event.

    Finally, to take the experience even further and titillate both the eyes and ears, the artists from Italy’s Food Ensemble put on a unique musical performance, “The Sound of Pasta”, using recordings of actual sounds captured while cooking to create a true symphony of Spaghetti!


    Sopexa and Hopscotch are proud of assisting Barilla in promoting “positive”, balanced consumption amongst foodies from around the globe.