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  • Happy grandmothers'day !

    Par Madina Ehsan

    Grandmothers are unquestionably an attachment figure . From an early age, they are trustworthy and make us feel secure. They pamper, cuddle, prepare remedies, cook homemade meals full of stories, comment with aplomb Facebook publications, and passionately share the latest tutorials found on Youtube. They are extraordinary and deserve to be honored. They are celebrated around the world but on different dates and with different histories. 


    What about France? Since when do French people celebrate grandmothers? What is the history of this celebration ?


    Grandmothers’ Day was created from scratch in 1987. It was imagined and deployed for the first time on the occasion of a new decade of a very famous coffee brand. A celebration imagined by the communication agency Promo 2000 … now called Hopscotch! As every celebration it had a symbol, the daffodil was chosen to represent this day. All town halls were given a budget for gifts. And an original initiative “Tell me about your Grandmother” had been launched.


    Our mission has always been to create lasting and sincere links between brands and their audiences.


    For the 34th year in France, happy grandmothers’day to all grandmas around the world!