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    • French brands adapt their marketing to reach Chinese consumers – 2017 Best cases

    French brands adapt their marketing to reach Chinese consumers - 2017 Best cases

    Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Sopexa China Agency has reviewed some French brand campaigns seen in China in 2017. The adaptation of marketing, the activation of Social Media and O2O are definitively booming!

    1) Danone: Mizone –Vitamin drink

    Mizone is a vitamin and energy drink very famous among Chinese teenagers, owned by French Group Danone.

    After a bad 2016 year, the brand decided to reassert itself in the market with the launch of a new product line, known as Mini pro:炽能量(burning energy). This new product range contains new variants of flavors: Pomelo and orange peach, Taurine & green tea with ginseng extract… These new flavors have been chosen to adapt perfectly to the palate of young Chinese consumers. Moreover, the existing range changed its logo and added pineapple and coconut as a new flavor.



    The brand has also launched its latest TV campaign in order to reinforce the bond with the younger crowd and encourages them to be pro-active. Ultimately, the launch of Mizone Mini-pro’s new flavors helped Danone beverage sales by 4,7% in 2017.


    2) L’Oréal: Paris Shine Lipstick by Color Riche collection


    In September 2017 French company, L’Oréal organized a shiny event at Beijing Huaxi LIVE- M Space, in order to launch their new Paris Shine Lipsticks by Color Riche.

    Paris Shine Lipsticks by Color Riche is the new lipstick created by the French brand that confirms L’Oréal’s desire to create a new trend in cosmetics and redefine modern Chinese beauty.



    The event called Shine my way, saw an amazing concert by three famous Chinese rock & pop bands while L’Oréal’s China brand ambassador Chris Lee was hosting the evening. Guests also had the chance to try the full range of Paris Shine Lipsticks.


    The event was a real success, more than 1,000 people attended, including 50 local/national media and KOL’s. It has once again shown the influence and importance of the French group on the cosmetic market in China.


    3) Moët & Chandon champagnes- Mini Moët showcasing

    For 3 days, during the first weekend of August 2017, French brand Moët & Chandon owned by the luxury group LVMH, hold a pop-up store at Xintiandi in Shanghai. The goal of the event was to promote the famous Champagnes featuring and introducing a “mini Moët” bottle.



    With an indoor and an outdoor bar station people enjoyed the «Mini-er the Merrier”, and enjoyed snacks to go with the “mini Moët” bottle. Besides the many interactive activities like bowling & tennis games, personalized Mini-instant photo booths were open to everyone. For every activity guests had a “Moët passport” to stamp in order to win snacks and tattoo stickers.  


    The event won a great offline and online success in Chinese social media thanks to the #minimoët. It was a real opportunity for the brand to assert its premium image as the Showcase of French Luxury.


    4) Carrefour- Promoting the Trust

    In 2017, Carrefour invested millions in a large online branding campaign across mainland China, to promote the safety and quality of its products. The objective for the brand was to reinforce its reputation in China. Actually, with the growth of China’s middle-class consumers and the too many food scandals, the demand for a healthy and quality product is extremely strong in the middle kingdom.



    The campaign involved 2 emotional and narrative videos which promoted food safety, sustainability, and quality of Carrefour’s product by focusing on Chinese value and culture. The campaign was run on TV, but also shared on digital media like WeChat and e-forum in order to increase the visibility.


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