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  • FoodTech at Sopexa

    Sopexa News

    Who hasn’t heard of the young FoodTech start-ups that are shaking up the industry and revolutionising the way we eat and get our food?

    As a specialist in food communication, Sopexa endlessly seeks out the latest Food & Drink trends and innovations. It was only natural for the agency to call upon French FoodTech start-ups to feature at its new premises!

    Aura and its mini vegetable garden will allow visitors to savour fruits and vegetables grown using aquaponics right in Sopexa’s new head office.

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    Mini vegetable garden by Aura

    Enjoy an excellent cru at the perfect tasting temperature? It’s possible with D-Vine, a machine that lets you enjoy an excellent cru in optimum conditions.


    Other start-ups will follow, of course. 

    Le mini potager Aura

    Savourer un verre de vin à l’aération et la température parfaite ?

    C’est possible avec D-Vine dont la machine permet d’offrir une dégustation dans les meilleures conditions.

    La machine DVine

    Et ce n’est qu’un début ! D’autres suivront, bien sûr…