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    Food & Drink innovations spotted at SIAL

    30 October 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    The food sector once again made waves during the SIAL Paris International Food Exhibition, held in the French capital from 21 to 25 October 2018. For nearly one week, over 160,000 visitors and professionals from more than 110 countries had the delicious opportunity to discover the latest food & drink innovations from around the globe.


    Food is now more than ever all about authenticity, flavour and meaning for consumers and the planet. A trend illustrated by the recent boom in organic fare, plant proteins, pulses and meat & cheese substitutes.

    Waste prevention, handy on-the-go foods, products made entirely of plant proteins and product customisation are among the hottest currents that caught our eye at the show:



    1/ Greek brand Roussas Dairy SAS is launching a Feta cheese in individual portions for people on the go. Handy and perfect for avoiding waste!



    2/Intermarché is launching a socially responsible brand called Les éleveurs vous disent MERCI! (‘The Farmers Thank You!’) that pays dairy farmers fairer prices.




    3/ In the United States, the Pickle Juice Company has come out with a 100% natural, sugar-free, caffeine-free pickle juice. Ideal for preventing cramps, this drink is just the ticket for athletes!


    4/ Fermented natural products are a big hit today. Korean brand Ligaro’s kimchi jam (a SIAL Innovation Award winner in the Sweet Grocery category) offers a new spin on the classic fermented cabbage recipe. Kimchi, well-known for being one of the world’s healthiest foods, is a stable of Korean cuisine. Recently invented, this miracle jam looks set to make a name for itself after the SIAL exhibition.





    5/ Namasté Water Kefir, a product developed by Greek brand Papadopoulos Iordanis / Namaste is a vegan water kefir with fruits. Made using pulses and recognized for its health benefits and delicious flavour, this water kefir took home the prestigious SIAL Innovation Gold Award.  





    6/ In the area of animal product substitutes, we spotted Vegan Deli by Monaco-based Linck. The product is a calcium-rich, soy- and lactose-free organic alternative to cheese, made using pea protein.




    7/ Polish brand Yummity’s waffles come in bold black.  Made using 100% natural active carbon from coconut shells, which lends these tasty treats their unique colour, these waffles are both eye-catching and good!



    8/ Chilled coffee in a syringe dreamt up by Korean brand Aromaville. Coldbrew coffee has never been simpler to make. 
    Just take the packet of powdered coffee and inject it into a large glass of water using the syringe. Our taste buds agree – this is the real deal! 




    9/ Beyond Meat, a 100% plant-protein burger on a mission to replace meat and have a postive impact on the environment. A real beef lookalike you must taste to believe.





    10/ We round out our selection of innovations with a beverage that is perfect for mixing up tasty mocktails: Ginsin, a brand developed by Spain’s Industrias Espadafor.