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  • Flower Power comes to our plates!

    21 June 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Out of the vase and into the plate: edible flowers are now blossoming in our dishes and cocktails! The staff at Sopexa USA tell us all about this colourful trend.

    The latest craze in the food & drink sphere? Bringing a touch of utterly natural colour to our dishes. What better way to do this than use some of the most beautiful works Mother Nature has to offer: flowers. US retail giant Whole Foods Market called it right: flowers are the number 1 trend of 2018. Edible flowers are everywhere, namely in our plates, bowls and glasses! The beloved supermarket chain even offers flowers in its own stores.



    Flowers to munch on: More and more restaurants are including blooms and blossoms of all types product on their menu. For example, southern California eatery Red Envelope offers wraps made using flowers. Other restaurants, such as Kendall-Jackson Winery, serve fare prepared with flowers grown on the property. In France, this healthy food trend is illustrated by topping Acai Bowls and avocado toasts with edible petals.


    Flowers to sip on: Another big trend is cocktails made using flowers.

    Denver watering hole Union Lodge No. 1 is riding this wave, mixing up its Botanic Sour cocktail with gin, wormwood, lavender syrup, rose water and orange flower water.

    In NYC, the Flower Shop uses dried roses in its signature cocktail, the Pirate Rose.

    Flower-flavoured drinks are another trendy item, thanks to their slight sweetness (sparkling water with elderflower, hibiscus infusions, lavender lattés and more).


    Today’s hottest blooms:


    The coolest: Elderflower

    Quite simply THE flower of 2018. In the United States, it is all over recipe websites and food blogs. Why this frenzy, you ask? Well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake was made of lemon and elderflower water. Now you know.

    This sweet flower can be enjoyed in a number of forms, such as syrups, herbal teas, jams, vinegars and sweets.



    The most thirst quenching: Hibiscus

    A favourite in herbal teas for its tangy flavour and detoxifying properties, there’s more to the hibiscus than just good taste and health. Many bars now use its petals in their cocktails for a touch of bright red colour. Among these watering holes is the Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar in NYC, which blends the lovely flower with Mezcal.





    Fragrant with a subtle flavour: Violet

    Whether in desserts or cocktails, violet lends foods and drinks a touch of joy with its incomparable flavour and lovely hue. The flower’s petals are also edible when they are ground, and can be used to thicken soups, for example.