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    • From fish to game? More and more meat eaters in Japan

    From fish to game? More and more meat eaters in Japan

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    In 2017, the Niku Fes (niku (meat) festival), an event for meat lovers held at 17 locations throughout Japan, brought together over 5,000,000 consumers.

    Alongside this, the proliferation of wild animals led the country’s farmers to lose an estimated €137 million in 2016, half of which was attributed to deer and boars alone.

    The Japanese government has encouraged the hunting of these animals for several years, yet only 10% of the meat from the 1 million animals hunted is actually consumed. As a result, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has recently announced the creation of a system to certify Japanese game meat for the archipelago’s nearly 500 processing facilities.

    A quality label and logo will be granted to processing facilities that meet the many health, hygiene and safety standards imposed by the Ministry.

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