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  • Feed., a French smart food start-up

    08 February 2017Interviews

    A chat with Anthony Bourbon, founder of Feed., a French smart food start-up created just over a year ago.

    How would you define Feed. in a few words?
    Feed. is a Parisian foodtech company that designs nutritionally perfect meals in formats tailored to active people.
    The aim of Feed. is not to entirely replace traditional food, but to provide an ideal alternative used occasionally by people who don’t have the time, the opportunity or the desire to prepare a “standard” meal.

    How did you start Feed.?
    Initially, I developed Feed. to solve a problem I myself was facing.
    When I was working in the legal division of a Paris-based group, I had the same problem at every lunch break: either skip the meal or wolf down a sandwich. In either case, the end of the day was rough.
    So I looked for alternative solutions, but the only products on offer targeted dieters looking to lose weight. After an hour, I was starving! The food wasn’t very nutritious at all.  

    A few powdered meal replacements were starting to come out abroad, but the format wasn’t really what I had imaged 21st-century smart food to be. The recipes were full of chemicals and allergens, making them unsuitable for the French market, and the taste was awful. At Feed., we always keep in mind the notion of pleasure and we use high-quality natural ingredients (almonds, chickpeas, oatmeal, buckwheat seeds and others).

    What’s your definition of superfood?
    It’s a new type of food that is helping to meet one of the biggest challenges of the future: feeding a world population of nearly 10 billion with solutions that are healthy, sustainable and practical, as well as environmentally friendly.  

    And superfood according to Feed.?
    Feed. superfood is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free, nut-free and made in France.
    It comes in the form of nutrition bars (100g), drinks (500ml), drink mixes and other products.
    Feed. is not a diet product, but rather a full balanced meal that provides 100% of nutritional requirements. It has been developed by dieticians and food engineers.  

    Who uses Feed. products?
    Now that we have one year of experience, we can see several groups of consumers particularly interested in Food 2.0:

    – Hard-working people who often have to skip meals (professionals, lawyers, traders, Web developers, chauffeurs/taxi drivers, hairdressers, engineers, etc.)
    – Students on a tight food budget (Feed. offers full meals starting at €2.50)
    –  Athletes looking for handy, healthy, balanced meal solutions every day.
    – Vegans and consumers sensitive to allergens (gluten, lactose, nuts and others) who are delighted to be able to enjoy the entire Feed. range.
    – More broadly speaking, anyone who doesn’t have the time, the means or who simply doesn’t feel like preparing a standard meal, whether regularly or from time to time.

    What new kinds of new demands are you seeing from consumers?
    Food habits are changing, and the working people of the 21st century have neither the time nor the desire to spend 3 hours a day at the lunch or dinner table. It is interesting to observe how they are, at the same time, increasingly rejecting fast food and junk food.

    Consumers want quality, transparency, an affordable price and easy-to-use formats.

    What are your prospects for international development?
    We can now deliver throughout Europe via our e-shop (, but every day we receive emails from Americans who would like us to ship them Feed. products.  
    Connoisseurs of superfood and used to eating it, they like the quality of the ingredients used in our recipes, which have a very low Glycaemic Index (GI) value and keep you feeling full for half a day.  
    We are now working on a way to deliver to the USA.

    What markets would be most receptive?
    Certain countries are very open to food innovations: the USA, the UK and the Netherlands, for example. The two latter account for 15% of our online sales.
    In terms of food, they want things that are practical and efficient. Now that they have tried Feed., which truly adds the dimension of pleasure and a variety of recipes, they are becoming big consumers of our smart foods.

    What is your slogan at work?
    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

    A cause you care deeply about?
    At Feed. we are both French and gourmet, and we want to show that it’s not about pitting our traditional eating habits and smart food against each other, but rather about combining them intelligently to ensure consistent overall nutrition.  

    A word you associate with:
    Food model: Evolving
    The food of tomorrow: Smart food
    Food Tech: The future
    Smart food: New ways of eating healthily