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    Ecotrophelia: food innovation on the menu!

    28 June 2017Latest news & trends in food & drink

    This year, 130 students are participating in the 18th edition of Ecotrophelia France, the food innovation student awards. Sopexa, a partner in the competition, will be handing out the Communication & Marketing Award on Thursday 29 June.

    In 2017, creativity and innovation are once again on tap for the 18 projects shortlisted in the French national competition.

    Whether their innovation involves a concept, a technology, a formulation and/or a new form of packaging, this year’s crop of students have once again put their bold creativity to the test.

    The selection criteria include the overall consistency of the project, the product’s organoleptic properties, its nutritional qualities, its potential to be produced on an industrial scale, its regulatory compliance and its marketability.

    These innovations will surely be making their way onto our plates very soon!

    This national competition for the creation of eco-innovative food products is open to teams of students who are registered at technical institutes, engineering schools and/or business schools in the French higher education system.


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