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    DrinkTech can now help you choose your wine

    12 June 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Less well known than FoodTech, DrinkTech is also doing its part to revolutionise the way we choose, drink and recommend our beverages. In the wine sector, while few consumers can claim to be true connoisseurs, we all still want to be sure of the quality of a bottle before buying it. Sopexa has zeroed in on two innovations that will almost certainly make your life a bit easier.

    Scan your wine yourself to find the ideal vintage


    MyOeno, a start-up we met at the recent Vivatech exhibition in Paris, enables you to scan your wine to find out all of its secrets. From tannins to mouthfeel to fruit profile, you can instantly obtain the wine’s main characteristics on your mobile device!


    Found a wine you love? The application remembers your favourite style of wine and helps you to find others it thinks you might enjoy. Say ‘goodbye’ to nasty surprises!  



    Check wine ratings on a reliable database


    Quini offers a new way to rate wines. No more stars handed out in a seemingly random way: for each wine, the service compiles all of the scores and comments given by users for five distinct criteria (eye, nose, mouth, finish and opinion) to obtain a score out of 100. In addition to the score, the quality of each wine is illustrated through a flower with five petals that summarises users’ taste experiences. Thus, this rating system takes into account the various steps of a true tasting, to provide a more comprehensive overall score. Everything you need for a reliable opinion.