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  • The colourful world of #SoProvence!

    23 July 2018Latest news & trends in food & drink

    Wines of Provence have teamed up with Veronica Collignon, an renowned fashion and lifestyle illustrator, to create a series of personalized drawings for #SoProvence.

    “I see the world in colour,” she says. After creating works for Macy’s, The Wall Street Journal, Clinique and Bourjois, Veronica and her obsession with colours have won over Wines of Provence, a region that embodies the good life in the South of France and the quality of the French lifestyle.



    In order to boost the visibility of the Provence region, and in particular awareness of Provence’s rosé wines among US consumers, Veronica has created a series of 15 illustrations. She has masterfully captured the essence of the Provence lifestyle and the pleasure of the region’s wines in visuals that are at once understated and poetic. These drawings are also a way to show how much Provence’s rosé wines have become part of the US lifestyle.



    The first illustrations for Wines of Provence have already been posted on the brand’s social media accounts and will be on display throughout the summer. Go have a look!